Who We Are

The Government Web Professionals of New Jersey (GoWProNJ) are a group of web designers, developers, and communications professionals working in NJ’s public sector. Our group was formed to share ideas and successes, to problem solve, and to exchange information about products that can help us do our jobs more efficiently.

Whether you are a full-time web designer or someone new to the web, GoWProNJ will provide invaluable information and networking opportunities.

Why Get Together?

We all face the same challenges: using the web to effectively communicate with constituents, keeping up with the latest technology, meeting citizen demand for more e-government, and doing it all with ever tightening budgets.

When Do We Meet?

GoWProNJ generally meets three times a year. Join us a few minutes early for coffee and bagels. Please RSVP if you’re coming so we’re sure to have enough coffee and chairs!